Welcome to KiwiGreenPak

KiwiGreenPak is New Zealand's leading brand in eco-friendly disposable food packaging products. Our vision is to educate and convince users and consumers there is an economical alternative to traditionally used plastics and foams (for more educational information, test certificates, brochures, posters and photos, please visit http://kiwigreenpak.weebly.com/

Our range comprises some 70 products and is growing rapidly. Our emphasis is on high quality products from annually renewable resources, competitively priced with wide applications in the food and related industries. KiwiGreenPak products are available through a select network of independent distributors throughout New Zealand who have a genuine interest in preserving and enhancing our environment and provide added value to their customers. Go to our contact page and click on the map to find a distributor in your area.

What are the KiwiGreenPak products?

KiwiGreenPak disposable food packaging products include plates, bowls, clamshells, food containers, produce and meat trays, salad bowls, cold and hot cups, portion and taster cups. They are used in a broad range of food packaging applications; typically catering, kitchens, restaurants, cafes, events /festivals, takeaways, supermarkets, bakeries, produce merchants but can have multi uses, for example dispensing or gift packaging.

The range is a result of extensive research looking at and for replacements for petrochemical based and paper product. It was important that the raw materials are at least annually renewable, were environmentally friendly at end of use, and had at least the same user benefits of those presently available. And they needed to be price competitive.

The products meet international quality standards supported by test certificates. Suppliers are personally reviewed regularly to ensure their manufacturing processes are eco friendly, and they meet good employer practices.

The KiwiGreenPak range of products is made from two types of renewable resources; PLA (polylactide)-from corn starch; and Fibre-bamboo, sugar cane and reed, and are biodegradable.